Operation Crustacean Party!

Hey Guys this post will be updated when the Operation Crustacean party comes, heres a sneak peek of the new alien puffles available to members!

Here are the tutorials to complete the tasks and save Klutzy!


Rookite Meetup Times! Nov.19-25

Rookie will be on the island at these times below, remember if you meet Rookie, you get his background and rare stamp.

Site Construction!!!

Hey everyone, this is Zuke, I am announcing that Lbx will be having site construction, we will be adding new things to the site, as you can tell, this past year we have made lbx a site from 2007 made by Lorenzo Bean into a .com domain! We also got a new header and new background! As you can tell the pages navigation on the right side is in working progress, we got a pin tracker and soon to be working again mascot trackers, thats all I can say for right now!

Catch ya later!

~ Zuke

Paint Festival!! 2015

Hey guys, so the new operation “Operation Crustacean” will be coming out this month!

 Check out my other post about Operation Crustacean by clicking the link below


A new message on the spy phone shows that Herbert and Klutzy will be showing up this month. We also see the paint festival, throw snowballs to throw paint, and show snowballs at the painting to make a puffle picture!


Abducted by Aliens!!!

Hey Guys, so apparently, while you are randomly playing club penguin, you get abducted by aliens!!!

The aliens randomly pick you up bring you to there ship, give you a tinfoil hat, and bring you back to cp island!!!



Get your mustache!!!

Hey guys, just for this week get your Mustache!!!

Cp Reunion Party 2015!

Hey guys! So I got lots of pictures of the Cp Reunion! Rsnail gave me a postcard twice! I saw about everyone of the first creators/developers of Cp. Well heres the pictures!

This is a picture of Rsnail clicking my player-card and sending me a postcard!

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Happy 10th Anniversary from Screenhog

Screenhog posted a happy 10th annivserary for Club Penguin, heres the link for his post


Cp Reunion 2015

Hey guys just a quick message, On October 25th 2015 will be the official date of Club Penguins Birthday! My friends have set up a party to be called The Club Penguin Reunion. Club Penguin reached out to us and has posted this idea that was made my normal penguins, onto the Cp Blog! Here is the blog post!


Most Rare and Old penguin will be attending, I will be taking pictures and posting it on this site, I also talked to Screenhog and rsnail might be there!

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Make sure to come!

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Gary Meetup Times Halloween Party 2015

Hey Guys Club Penguin released the times to meet Gary the Gadget Guy!

Here Are The Times To Meet Gary!

Remember the times are PST (Penguin Standard Time) To know the PST check the clock at the snow forts!

Gary has a medium level Stamp to get!



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