Penguin Fall Fair 2015!

Hey Everyone, Sorry for the late post,I had to contact Clubpenguin about my penguin not being able to log on, so I have a new penguin  named Dr Zuke! Now lets check out the fair!

Heres a Map of the places you can go!

Win a prize from the Daily Spin!

New COOL Prizes- And Transformations!!!!

Cant Wait till they come out!!!

Pirate Rooms!

Yeee Haaa!!!


Space Squid!

New Rooms!

What is a Fair without the Penguin Band! Click on the penguin band to collect there background!

Make sure to find Rookie and Aunt Arctic online!


Club Penguin May 2015 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Hey Everyone, Frozen Zuke here.Club Penguin released a new May 2015 Clothing Catalog, with new Fall Fair Costumes, and some Marvel Superhero suits!

Piratey Stuffie – Click the pixel Rockhopper

Cowboy Boots – Click the planet in the background

Green MP3000 – Click the map

Green Dance Sweats – Click the cork in the bottom left corner

Red Viking Helmet – Click the penguins hand – Blue Viking Helmet – Click the penguins hand 4 times


CP News Shorts #4 Fall Fair-Free Rainbow Puffles

Welcome to CP News Shorts #4

New Fall Fair of 2015 and Free Rainbow Puffles!

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Club Penguin May 2015 Furniture & Igloo Catalog Cheats

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Today, Club Penguin released the new May 2015 Furniture & Igloo Catalog, filled with items for the upcoming Fair. Sadly, there are no new items in the catalog, and the only hidden items are the usual ones. Anyways, here they are:


Funky Bookshelf – Click the empty brown bookshelf


Scoop Chair – Click the green chair on the right




The Fair begins in two weeks, on May 21!

~Lorenzo Bean

CP News Shorts #3 Puffle Park Glitch

Hey Guys,

Welcome to the 3rd CP News Shorts!

Take a look at the puffle park. A new GLITCH!

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CP News Shorts #2 New Sled Race App Item

Hello Penguins!!!

Welcome to the 2nd CP News Shorts!

Today I am showing you something interesting….

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2 Parties 2 Devices? New Flower Pin

Hey Everyone, Zuke here,

An interesting announcement, 2 parties at the same time but on different devices. On clubpenguin mod Megg’s post, click here to read it, is showing that there is going to be a party on the ClubPenguin App, celebrating the Rainbow Puffle, On May 21st to June 3rd.

The other party is on the computer, It comes every year, The Fair!

The Fair has the same looks as the one last year, there will be new items, and there should be new rooms for the party.Party is at May 21st to June 3rd

Megg stated on her post, “P.S. We’ve got an epic announcement about the rainbow puffles and sneak peek of a new area of the Amazement park coming later this week! Ninja’s just adding a few of the final touches as you’re reading this.”

Dose this mean that there will be a new room, since the provided picture looks identical to the one last year, and will the rainbow puffle room be a permanent room for the ClubPenguin App? What do you think?

There is a new Flower Pin at the Mine


CP News Shorts #1

Hey Everyone, I am FrozenZuke, and I Welcome You to Our First CP News Shorts!!!

If you want to find more information about our CP News Shorts Click the Red Word Below


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New, CP News Shorts!

Hello Everyone, I am FrozenZuke, and I want to introduce a new weekly post I will be doing, called CP News Shorts! CP News Shorts will be a post myself or LorenzoBean himself of just a short quick little News Post we would like to make. Its fun and it dose not take to long to make, So Tune In!!!

Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party Guide

Hey Guys Zuke here, and I welcome you to the 2nd Frozen Party on Club Penguin called “Frozen Fever”!!

I have pics of different activities!

Everyone can collect the Spring Palace Igloo.

To Unlock the Item you need to click the button that says “Go There” and click the Snowflakes floating around the room.

The Dock has a bunch of new pins scattered around the room. Head through the door to find more pins.

Unlock New Stamps!!!


Adopt a Snow Puffle, Or “Olaf Puffle” I named my puffle Olaf, and unlock Frozen Snowballs, were you freeze everything up! NOTE: MEMBERS ONLY

Now The FROZEN PALACE is open!

Enter with a gift for your igloo!

Watch Elsa Sing!

Click on Elsa to collect a background!!!

I hope you like the party Have FUN!!! :)



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