Fashion Show Party

Hello Everyone!

I am showing the rooms of the Fashion Party, there is nothing really to it and no free items, so if you want to see the rooms click READ MORE Below!!!

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New CP Blog Redo

Recently Club Penguin has updated there Blog, and they have also renamed it to “Whats New”

New front page style to easily find the post you want.

New navigation to look back at the old posts or see someone you want to read from!


PH Meetup Times And Upcoming Fashion Festival

Hey Guys Puffle Hander Has a meet up here is the post with times-and the post of the upcoming Fashion Festival Party!

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Old Items Make A Return?!?!-Augest Clothing Catalog

Hello EVERYONE, and I got EXCITING and I mean EXCITING NEWS! Club Penguins Clothing Catalog is called “THE BIGGEST CATALOG EVER!” This one include items dating back to 2007! :O 

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Cool videos about the most rare stamps to Get!


Youtube: CPWorld

Twitter: CPWorld @CPWorldYT

Club Penguin 10th Anniversary, Room Vote!

Hey Penguins, so a bit early call for the 10th anniversary of Club Penguin for October, but Club Penguin has decided to have a Poll! This poll is about what rooms do you want redecorated to be. Here is the full posts, with the choices.  

Room: Beach

“Hi Penguins!

October 24, a.k.a our 10 year anniversary, will be here before you know it and we want to make this party EPIC. The team’s a bit stuck though… We can’t seem to decide which past party room to bring back for the Beach, Pizza Parlor and the Cove.

So what better way to solve this then have YOU, our community, decide! Let’s start off with the Beach, here are the choices:”

2009 Adventure Party

2012 Holiday Party

2014 Penguin Cup

Room: Pizza Parlor

Hey Penguins!

“Thanks for helping us out with the planning of our 10 year Anniversary Party so far! Incase you haven’t voted for which room to bring back to the Beach yet, click HERE.

Now, ready to vote on our next room? Here are your 3 options for the Pizza Parlor:”

2008 Submarine Party

2011 Island Adventure Party

2013 Card-Jitsu Snow Party

Room: Cove

2012 Temple of Fruit Party

2013 Prehistoric Party

2013 Super Hero Party

I Want to see the 2009 Adventure Party for the Beach, the 2008 Submarine Party, and the 2012 Temple Of Fruit! What if they bring some old items from the party too! If you want to vote click the following: Beach – Pizza ParlorCove

I can’t wait for the new party hat!


Cool Penguin Stack Glitch

Hey Everyone, I would like to thank CpWorld for making this video it shows how you can stack different penguins on top of another, *Requires Membership*


Riyita’s Interview With Chris and Gord – Part 1

Hey everyone,

Club Penguin player Riyita, who owns the blog Club Penguin Space, went on a trip to the Club Penguin HQ in Kelowna, Canada last month for his birthday. During his visit he interviewed Chris and Gord, two brothers who have worked at Club Penguin for years. Their job on Club Penguin is working at parties.

Riyita will be breaking up the interview into multiple parts and I will post them as they become available. If you want to listen to the interview, here is the first video:

Bye for now,


The Inside Out Party Is HERE!


Our Objective in this party is to find Rockhoppers LOST MEMORIES! Click Read More Below To See the Full Tutorial!

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Club Penguin Gary Meetup Times


Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Mod Megg posted a new video on the Club Penguin blog called “Meet Gary!”, along with a list of meetup times!

Gary will be on Club Penguin for the upcoming Inside Out Party. Click ‘read more’ for the meetup times:

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