10th Anniversary Party!!!

Hey Everyone This is the 10th Anniversary party of Club Penguin!!!

Members Get a Dino Puffle, Non-Members get a Gold Puffle.


Free Rare Red Bandana


The Rare Red Pirate Bandana From 2007 Rockhoppers Rare Items is On the Beach Its a limited time so HURRY UP AND GET IT.

For the OPSSA, I’m afraid club penguin has been bringing back old items, now the oldest of old like Beta hat, Party hats, or some rare items are the only items that are going to be rare, last month club penguin released old items in the clothing catalog I hope they never will do that again, and the items will one day become praised once more.


Club Penguin 10th Anniversary Party Sneak Peek!

Hey Everyone! Megg posted on the Club Penguin Blog some sneak peek features in the 10th anniversary party.

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Descendants Party 2015

Hello EVERYONE I got an exclusive Extra day to check out the new party before it comes out, on September 17th! Here is what the rooms look like, apparently this is a “Mini Party” so its in the School-Out Side the School-and Iceberg, Lets Check It Out.

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September Clothing Catalog

September Clothing Catalog 

This Month Has Very Creative/New Items

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Fashion Show Party

Hello Everyone!

I am showing the rooms of the Fashion Party, there is nothing really to it and no free items, so if you want to see the rooms click READ MORE Below!!!

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New CP Blog Redo

Recently Club Penguin has updated there Blog, and they have also renamed it to “Whats New”

New front page style to easily find the post you want.

New navigation to look back at the old posts or see someone you want to read from!


PH Meetup Times And Upcoming Fashion Festival

Hey Guys Puffle Hander Has a meet up here is the post with times-and the post of the upcoming Fashion Festival Party!

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Old Items Make A Return?!?!-Augest Clothing Catalog

Hello EVERYONE, and I got EXCITING and I mean EXCITING NEWS! Club Penguins Clothing Catalog is called “THE BIGGEST CATALOG EVER!” This one include items dating back to 2007! :O 

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Cool videos about the most rare stamps to Get!


Youtube: CPWorld

Twitter: CPWorld @CPWorldYT


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