Club Penguin July 2010 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. I apologize for not being able to post daily this week, I’ve been busy at an institute, but it ended yesterday.  Here are the cheats for the July 2010 Clothing Catalog!

3D Glasses cheat 😎 – Click the top of the tree

Acoustic Sunburst Guitar cheat – Click the lime green penguin’s right foot

Supernova Suit cheat – Click the left knob on the speaker

The Rocker cheat – Click the right knob on the speaker

Blue Sunglasses cheat – Click the big button on the speaker

Purple Electric Bass cheat 😎 – Click the speaker

Red Sunglasses cheat – Click the piano

Trombone cheat – Click the statue in the background

Pink Polka-dot Dress, Black Checkered Shoes, Spikester Cuff, and Shock Wave cheat – Click the brown penguin’s beak

Viking Helmet cheat – Click the bubble

Blue Viking Helmet cheat – Open and close the Viking Helmet 4 times

The Duchess and Duchess’ Dress cheat – Click the grapes

Dragon Costume cheat – Click the leg of the table

Emerald Dress and Beautiful Braid cheat – Click the bottom of the curtain

Green Hooded Cloak cheat – Click the stone in the column

Green Face Paint cheat – Click the pink tile on the dance floor

Man, that was a LOT of cheats! My favorite by far is the Purple Electric Bass though. As you may have guessed, the Music Jam is coming up, and that’s always something worth looking forward to!

~Lorenzo Bean

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