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New Igloo Stuff!

The igloo and furniture catalog was released today with some cool stuff! The new igloo is an igloo with a backyard!

Of course, with a backyard, you need some backyard stuff! Here are the cheats for the furniture and igloo catalog:

-Secret Stone Igloo (igloo catalog): Click the gray bar above Floor Removal Service on page 5

-Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo (igloo catalog): Click the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo on page 16

Furniture Cheats

-Palm Tree: Click the palm tree in PLANTS!

-Cake: Click the refridgerator in the For Your Kitchen section

-Big-Screen TV: Click the LCD Television in the Electronics section

Sorry there are no pics, I didn’t have time to post them so I will make them later. I am trying to decide whether to close the library for a while and make my igloo a backyard igloo. Help me make the decision and vote here: Have fun with the fake grass!