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Club Penguin April Fool’s Party Cheats! Free Item & Box Store!

The April Fool’s Party in Club Penguin started, and as usual, the whole place is whacked out and filled with…boxes. I wonder why the theme of this party always seems to be boxes. Anyways, there’s lots of tricks and stuff that the boxes do if you move your mouse over them, so expirement a bit! The free item is the Blue Propellor Cap, and it’s in a box in the Mine:

Now for the fun part! There’s a neat little Box Store at the Snow Forts:

When you go in, walk up to the box desk:

Now buy the Portal Box from the catalog that pops up:


Now go to your igloo and put the box portal anywhere in it (it will be in your furniture inventory):


Now walk into it, and you will be transferred to…the Box Dimension *insert Twilight Zone theme here*:


This is an actual Club Penguin room that other penguins can get into from their box portals. You can get to any other room by walking back into that big portal. It’s pretty strange, but kinda cool.

Because purple is the portal color for the April Fool’s Day party, the new text color for the month of April is purple!