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New Pin Hidden on Club Penguin – January 6, 2016 + Party info & Sneak Peek for Feb

Hey everyone, 

Two weeks has passed since Club Penguin released the Crystal Puffle Pin, so a new pin has been hidden on the island!

I’ve got the scoop on February’s items and party, plus if you haven’t seen (or heard) this month’s Prehistoric Party I have some images and music from that too. Check it out! Read the rest of this entry

Club Penguin January 2016 Penguin Style & Furniture Style

Hey everyone,

Penguin Style: Club Penguin has released their first Penguin Style catalog for the year, January’s edition, is now out. This month’s fashions are prehistoric themed.

Scroll down for furniture catalog, if you want to see it. 

Furniture Style: Club Penguin has updated their furniture and igloo catalog as well as the igloo music selection for the month of January.

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Paint Festival!! 2015

Hey guys, so the new operation “Operation Crustacean” will be coming out this month!

 Check out my other post about Operation Crustacean by clicking the link below

A new message on the spy phone shows that Herbert and Klutzy will be showing up this month. We also see the paint festival, throw snowballs to throw paint, and show snowballs at the painting to make a puffle picture!


Cp Reunion Party 2015!

Hey guys! So I got lots of pictures of the Cp Reunion! Rsnail gave me a postcard twice! I saw about everyone of the first creators/developers of Cp. Well heres the pictures!

This is a picture of Rsnail clicking my player-card and sending me a postcard!

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Meeting Dj Maxx

A Long time ago, Rsnail set out a character, I remember when he did this, and the characters name was Dj Maxx.

I found Dj Maxx, after many years they plan to bring him as a mascot but not the ones were you get a stamp and a background, instead the story is that he “died” The only penguin in the game with these headphones is Dj Maxx, He also has a old town background wich is rare, and a tombstone pin, I have pictures with Dj Maxx below.


Operation Crustacean

Hey guys a NEW EPF Operation will be out soon! Herbert has set out and got a UFO, the picture in the lodge attic with the UFO over the Berg, well thats the case!



Awesome 10th Anniversary Mascot Meetup!

Hey Guys, this awesome mascot meetup on the server Sherbet with Rookie, Sensei, Gary, Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, Cadence, Dot  and PH, the penguin band and herbert were not there. Here are some pictures of the event!

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Secret Messages From Club Penguin

Hey Guys, Hope your enjoying the 10th Anniversary, I got a few things to say.

Club Penguin has brought back rare items such as the Blue Lei, yet now the items are not rare anymore.

Next is a video Club Penguin made today, there is Secret Messages in the video.

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10th Anniversary Party!!!

Hey Everyone This is the 10th Anniversary party of Club Penguin!!!

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Free Rare Red Bandana


The Rare Red Pirate Bandana From 2007 Rockhoppers Rare Items is On the Beach Its a limited time so HURRY UP AND GET IT.

For the OPSSA, I’m afraid club penguin has been bringing back old items, now the oldest of old like Beta hat, Party hats, or some rare items are the only items that are going to be rare, last month club penguin released old items in the clothing catalog I hope they never will do that again, and the items will one day become praised once more.