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Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2012 Cheats

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean and Bluemoss2 here. Club Penguin has started the first ever Marvel Superhero Takeover Party! Some rooms are completely changed to look like an actual city, which is pretty cool.

Go to the Gift Shop for the free item, a Hard Hat, as well as a small catalog for everyone.

There is also a members catalog with all the Marvel costumes; both heroes and villains!

The Stage has been turned into a Police Station. Click the camera for the Mug Shot Background.

The Pizza Parlor has a bank in it, and there you can find a free Money Bag.

Go to the Coffee Shop and click the camera for the Press Conference Background.

Now it’s time for the main event: Battling the Destructobot! Make sure you buy a pair of Super Gloves and put them on. Now go to the Snow Forts and go into the burning building. A battle happens every 18 minutes.

For Super Heroes, throw super-charged snowballs at the targets. Super Villains, throw them into the green tube on the Destructobot. The bot will be destroyed if the heroes make the bar disappear.

Bluemoss, you mad bro? Anyways, that’s all for this party. I think it’s probably the best party on Club Penguin in a long time, and that it will really be tough for them to produce a better one this year. So enjoy it while it lasts, guys! Also, Aunt Arctic is going to be around and she is giving out a new background. Have fun!

~Lorenzo Bean & Bluemoss2

Club Penguin New Marvel Superhero Site

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. Recently, Disney bought the company Marvel, which created awesome superheroes such as Spider Man, Iron Man and the Hulk. The upcoming Marvel Superhero Party starts on June 14, and will have all the heroes from The Avengers (which is an awesome movie; I totally recommend it)! Club Penguin has added a branch to its site to promote the party at

You can look through the characters’ costumes and get a couple wallpapers.

There’s also a video to get us pumped!

Are you excited for the party? I’m looking forward to this party more than I have for any other in a long time. Have a nice day!

~Lorenzo Bean