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Club Penguin Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit Cheats

Hey everyone, Lorenzo Bean here. The Adventure Party started on Club Penguin today, and I have to admit it’s a pretty cool. There is a boatload of free items for non-members! First off is the Pineapple Headband at the Cove.

The Apple Headband is at the Forest.

The Watermelon Headband is at the Dock.

Also at the Dock is a catalog with a bunch of Adventure Party merchandise for members.

One Secrete is Right at the head of the volcano –

You find Apple Tiki Face Paint –

Also check out Rockhopper’s Rare Items at the Migrator for the free Grape Headband and some other Grape-flavored items.

Go to the Snow Forts and continue to the volcano. Feed Big-Big Kahuna by throwing 15 fruits (snowballs) into the volcano from each of the 3 platforms to unlock 3 backgrounds: The Green, Yellow, and Red Kahuna.

Now you can get the Grape Bunch Costume!

Members can go into the Temple of Fruit. But first, you have to collect the 3 sacred fruits. Click the bowl of fruit in the top right corner.

The watermelon is at the Dock (you can click it on the menu pictured above).

Click the red apple block to go to the Forest, where guess what, the apple is!

Now go to the Cove to get the pineapple.

Now you can enter the temple. Make your way through the sections of the little maze. In the 3rd section, throw snowballs at the targets to open up the path ahead.

When you get to the final room, you will earn the stamp “Stunt Penguin” for escaping the giant watermelon in the previous hallway. Click the small platform in front of the Kahuna statue to throw fruit into its mouth to open up the Watermelon Costume from the cage.

On August 25 and 29, you can return to collect the Apple and Pineapple Costumes, respectively.

So that brings us to a grand total of 8 free backgrounds and items for everyone, and 11 free items if you count the membership exclusives. I think that’s a new record for a Club Penguin party. Are you guys impressed by this party? I think that if Club Penguin continues putting out unique and fun parties like this one, 2012 will be the best year of Club Penguin parties. Have fun!

~Lorenzo Bean & Bluemoss2